Surviving The Winter Months


For many of us the Winter months of January and February can be a challenge. I have been challenged myself with he dark long nights and raining cold days. There is a distinct lack of light at this time of year. I think this time is especially challenging for those of us who are sensitive as our environment and surroundings affect us in many ways. I wanted to share with you in this blog what I do to survive the darkness of winter months.

When we understand that we are all part of nature and connected to nature in so many different and special ways, it would then make perfect sense that to live in harmony with nature is what will bring about peace within ourselves. The inner self is a complex thing and can sometimes elude us and we can lose touch with the way we are meant to live. Allow me to explain: If we look at natuimages4re during the winter months we can see that it sleeps. Nature does not expect much of itself during this time. It is a time for seeds to be nurtured, animals to rest and trees to sleep. Nothing will bloom until the Spring time comes and that is the way it is and nothing will alter that fact or change those circumstances. If we can learn to apply the principles of nature to our own lives then we learn to walk in step with nature, the earth and the universe. In the old days when man had no technology and life was slower man lived in harmony and walked the path of nature, they lived within the season. However, somewhere along the way man has lost this and lives a fast paced, technologically focused life. We drive fast cars, eat fast food, use fast Wifi, rush to work and generally live in a fast society. No wonder we can begin to feel miserable and tired in the Winter months. We are pushing ourselves at the same pace all year round. This is not meant to be the way. In the Winter we are designed to ‘SLOW DOWN’ and conserve our energy. But we push on regardless. No wonder so many of us get ill at this time of year, we are running our engines at full speed constantly and not giving our selves time to re-charge.

So I suggest that we stop for a minute. Think and slow down. At this time of year allow yourself the privilege of taking things at a calm and relaxed pace. By all means make your plans for the future, and plant the seeds, nurture them every day but do not expect images2them to come into fruition until the time is exactly right, because it will simply not happen no matter what you do to try and force it. When the light returns and Spring is in our sight, then and only then will your seeds bloom. By adopting this attitude and having this understanding we relieve the pressure we put on ourselves and also pressure from society. Know that things will change with the season and life and light will return once more. Use this special time to learn more, read more, nurture the self more, prepare yourself for the coming months ahead which will be filled with activity and you will need your conserved energy for those months and not for now. Now is the time to re-charge your own energy, connect to the inner self and be quiet and still.

Below I have shared with you my survival tips which I use myself. Perhaps some will work for you and some not, have a go and see what works for you. But survive you must for  this year holds amazing and special things which we cannot yet see. Have faith and learn to walk with nature and the seasons.

Survival Tips for the Winter Months

  1. Allow yourself the privilege of slowing down and conserving energy. Meditate, take long walks in nature do not expect too much of yourself at this time of year.
  2. Disconnect a little from technology. Allow the creative side of you to flourish.
  3. Read more.
  4. Start your day with some Yoga postures to replace the old energy of the night with the new energy of the day. The yogic breathing technique brings new energy so just do this if you cannot do the yoga postures.
  5. Take long hot baths with beautiful essential oils and candles
  6. Make your plans for the coming year, plant your seeds and do a little watering and nurturing everyday. Do not expect them to bloom until the Spring.
  7. In your meditations harmonise yourself with nature, and if you work with the Goddess harmonise yourself with the Crone Goddess who represents Winter.
  8. Eat nourishing and health giving foods – this is not really the time to diet as our bodies need extra fuel for energy.  Include healthy carbohydrate such as squash and root vegetables. Avoid too many potatoes though. Bring in healthy home made soups and stews. Avoid too much sugar, fast and processed food as they are void of healthy nutrients which are so important this time of year.
  9. Do not rush. Take your time and if you feel like sleeping more in the evening then do so.
  10. Above all nurture and love the self. Stay positive, be kind and gentle to yourself and do not expect too much at this time of year. Relax and enjoy the slowness of Winter because every season has it’s advantages and reasons for being as it is.

Many Blessings

Louisa Marie Sullivan

By Louisa Marie Sullivan




Karma is a Universal inescapable law of Cause and Effect. Sometimes Karma is immediate in our lives and sometimes it can take a few months or years to manifest. Let us consider the law of Cause and Effect for example; If we cut ourselves we bleed if we bang our arm we bruise these the immediate signs of cause and effect however sometimes the effect is not seen or felt immediately, If we steal from another we may not see the effect that has on another person, they may be damaged emotionally or even physically depending upon the nature of the theft if it was violent. This is when the law of cause and effect can have more long term effects which we call Karma. The Karma will affect the person who has caused it, but the effect will spread over time and may not be always visible of obvious. Perhaps things go very wrong for the person who has inflicted the suffering upon another, they may not relate these things to the act or crime they committed, perhaps they just think they are having a run of bad luck, but it is very much related to it. We must be aware that what we send out we get back. If we send out love to others we received love back, if we send out negative thoughts to others that is what we shall receive in return. There is a threefold law that states what we send out we receive back three times as strong. This belief is true in all we do in our lives. If we send out good health thoughts to another we receive that back in our own lives, if we help another in need that too is received. I could go on and on but I am sure you have the idea by now.

In our seminars the subject of Karma is often asked about. Paul and I have our own beliefs on this, our information has been given to us from our guides while in trance. The information we have been given feels right and makes perfect sense to us. 2We are often asked by our students about the effects of Karma when we re-incarnate. Many people believe that they bring the effects of an old life into a new life which is simply not true and can be very damaging to the individual. This can also be a great ‘get out clause’ for some who wishes to blame their ‘bad luck’ in this life on something they did in a past life. Please know that this is not the case. When we do this we are not taking ‘Personal Responsibility’ for our lives now. What you do now affects you now in this life, your past life Karma was to do with that life and has nothing to do with this new life.

Sometimes the Karma is not dealt with while we are alive on earth and can be more long term depending upon the nature of the things committed or done while alive. So when we die and pass into the world of Spirit this will be dealt with while we are in Spirit so that we can progress if we want to. If we do not then we cannot move on and evolve in the Spirit World. Please know that love and help is always given to every soul in the Spirit World so that every soul has the opportunity to move on.

However, when we are in the spiritual world it is our choice through ‘free will’ if we wish to progress and we do this by recognising our mistakes and things wUnknown1e did wrong during our earthly life. By recognising these things and learning the lessons we can then release our Karma and move on in the spirit world to different levels of evolvement, but it is our choice. Some souls may choose not to move on, but they will not have the choice to re-incarnate until they have cleared their karma by seeing their mistakes and learning their lessons.

When a new soul returns to the earth through their own choice it is to learn new lessons which they cannot learn in the spiritual world as they need an earthy environment in which to learn. So they choose to come back in a different  body to have new experiences which will enable them to progress and learn. For this reason there is no old Karma which is brought back to the earth as this would hinder the progress of the new soul. They are here to learn new lessons. So all old Karma which was not dealt with while on earth is dealt with in the spiritual world.

One can still have memories of past life while on this earth, but the Karma is definitely not brought back with us in our new lives, because we would not have been allowed to re-incarnate until this Karma has been dealt with in the spiritual world.6fce10135fd52d0420ca23d9faaa156b

Of course there are many different beliefs in this world and each is entitled to their own belief. However, we go by what comes through to us from our guides while in Trance so our information comes direct from spirit so that is what we believe.

Many blessings

Paul & Louisa

By Louisa Marie Sullivan

Working With The Tarot

Some tips when working with the Tarot

Medium Louisa Marie Sullivan

How to Work With The Tarot


The Tarot is an Ancient Art of divination. Used by the Egyptians to gain insight and answers. The Tarot when used correctly will work beautifully for you in a positive way. Most use the Tarot to provide Psychic Readings for others who may be in need of direction and life guidance. There are a whole host of reasons why someone may consult the Tarot for answers but that is a whole new subject.

The Tarot consists of a deck of 78 Cards. 22 of these cards are Major Arcana which depict major events. The other 56 cards represent minor events in our life and are the supporting cards to the Major Arcana in a reading.

The Minor Arcana are divided into 4 Suits:

1. Cups – Represent Emotions and Feelings

2. Swords – Represent Action, Movement & Struggle

3. Wands – Represent Ideas, Growth…

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By Louisa Marie Sullivan

Survival Techniques for dealing Energy & the Environment



I have noticed recently that the more spiritually sensitive I become the more the environment is affecting me both mentally and physically.

What do I mean by this? Allow me to explain. As we breath in the air our bodies absorb Oxygen which is our vital life source, without it we cannot survive. As the breath revitalises and re-charges our bodies through this inhalation the quality of the air matters greatly, because if we breathe in polluted air this is what our bodies also absorb with each breath. With each breath we are also absorbing the energy of our polluting_factory1
environment on a spiritual level. This of course is more obvious and is felt much more intensely as we become more sensitive and attuned to the spiritual aspects of our lives. For example: think about the times you have visited the seaside/coast and your natural re-action might have been to stand looking at the ocean and take in a big gulp of sea air. You may have felt re-charged and energised as you did this, but I have to stress that it is not just the good quality sea air you are experiencing  but also the purity of the energy from the ocean,  your body feels it. Remember the times you may have walked in a forest and again the air and surroundings as you connect with nature give the feeling of being at one and re-charged. When we connect to any element of nature; earth, air, fire or pexels-photo-240040water we feel it and our bodies respond positively. However, it is not always possible to be in these natural wonderful environments and many of us have to live in towns, cities and places which  may not be conducive to good energy and health giving air. So how can we over come this and deal with this so that our environment does not affected us in a negative way?

I have found that through my own experiences with different energies and environments my body will re-act almost immediately in a spiritual, but mostly physical way. Let me explain; when I travel to different areas of the world with my work I come across some fantastic places for energy and in these places I feel calm, at peace and my body responds by allowing me to feel light and energised. However, when I visit a place where the energies are not conducive to human nature and are polluted my body responds with discomfort. I get aches and pains and feel generally low on energy. So what can we do?

I will share with you my survival techniques for dealing with a polluted environment which is not good for anyone, but is felt more intensely by the sensitive or spiritually attuned person.

  1. Drink more water than usual
  2. Eat life giving natural foods such as alkaline food.
  3. Burn incense in your house/room.
  4. Burn essential oils in your house/room as this keeps the air quality purer
  5. Use Himalayan Salty Lamps to purify the environment
  6. The use of sound can be very effective for clearing energy – try a singing bowl or drumming.
  7. Take a ‘Special Bath’ to cleanse your body and energy. *please see below for ingredients for a ‘Special Bath*.
  8. After your bath cleanse your energy with Sage and an essential oil spray if you have one.
  9. Go for a walk in nature as often as possible & connect with the elements of earth, air, fire, and water, and ask for the cleansing elements or fire and water to be activated.
  10.  Cleanse the chakras and aura more regularly
  11.  Sit in meditation to rest & re-charge the mind
  12.  Cleanse the house using the elements of earth (salt), air (incense), Fire ( candle) and water ( filtered water if possible).
  13. Think positive thoughts

Special Bath Ingredients 


  1. Run a bath of warm water
  2. Put Candles around the bath
  3. Add the following :

a) 2 cups of Magnesium Flakes – these help to relax the muscles and ease any aches and pains

b) 2 small cups of Himalayan salt – this will cleanse the skin

c) 16 drops of Lavender Essential Oil – or any essential oils which are cleansing or which you particularly like


d) 5 capfuls of Star Child Love Potion Oil ( this is optional if not available).


e) Sit back and relax in the mineral rich bath for at least 20 minutes.

f) After your bath use sage to smudge. I burn sage in its dried form with the leaves and smudge my auric field.

g) Spray your auric field with a good quality essential oil spray. I love the ones from The Goddess Temple in Glastonbury these smell great and are infused with the certain qualities depending upon the one you choose.

I hope this small changes will help those of you who are sensitive to your environment. Please feel free to leave any comments.

Many blessings to you all

Louisa Marie Sullivan

By Louisa Marie Sullivan