5 ways to tell when a Medium is Connected to Spirit or Not 


During my time as a medium which has been over 28 years I have learned many things through training, watching other mediums and experience. 

My training was very strict and inline with the ‘Old fashioned’ or ‘Traditional’ way of connecting with the spirit. In our modern world there are many people who are not educated or clear on how to connect to the spirit and then to identify their communicator and deliver the information they are receiving in an evidential way. 

‘Our goal as a medium is to Prove the existence of the Human Soul.’ 

It is the job of the medium to prove that we do continue in the afterlife after a physical death. We do this by providing evidential information that can be accepted as true by the person receiving the information. 

The 5 Things which signal that the medium is not connected to Spirit:

  1. Working Psychically:  We see many people who think they are connecting with spirit but are in fact working on the psychic level by connecting with the psyche of the living person and receiving their information that way. It does not come from spirit. 
  1. Asking Questions : A medium should not need to ask questions to the living recipient. The information they give should be in the form of statements. 
  1. Fishing for Information:  When a medium is fishing for information they are asking questions. This gets the recipient talking and giving away valuable information. 
  1. Repeating information from the recipient back to them: the medium gets information from the recipient & repeats it back to them in a manner that indicates that the information has actually come from the medium. The medium owns the information as if they have given it to the recipient, and not the other way around. For example: The medium asks the recipient a question, the recipient answers the question giving away information, the medium repeats the information back to the recipient 


Medium  “Did your wife die of the heart attack or something to do with the heart?” 

Recipient “She died of a brain tumour” 

Medium “ So your wife died of a Brain Tumour, is this correct?” 

Recipient “Yes, this is correct.” 

The medium has received a ‘Yes’ from the recipient which makes it seem like they are in-fact correct with the information, but the information has actually come from the recipient. This is a very powerful and clever technique of trickery.

  1. Throwing out a variety of Information in hope that someone will take it:  When a medium is not connected to spirit they can throw out many pieces of information knowing that someone in the audience will accept it.

For example: “I have someone who passed of something to do with the heart, could be a heart attack, blood clot or something to do with the blood.” By doing this someone will put up their hand, in-fact chances are many will put up their hand. The medium then has many people to choose to work with, the Medium will then proceed in the form of asking questions. 

The 5 things which show the Medium is connected to Spirit: 

  1. The Medium will provide evidence of the Spirit person they are connected to:  There can be so many things the spirit can tell the medium so they can pass on proof that they are actually there. For example a medium might say “ I have your Mother here, she tells me she passed at the age of 88 of a heart attack, would you understand that?” The medium would then go on to bring forth more information about their lives to prove that they are really communicating. 
  2. The Medium will bring comfort to the living through the energy and words said:  A medium who is working in the energy of spirit will present the information in a loving, caring and compassionate manner because spirit come with love. The recipient will feel this love and it should be an amazing experience for them. 
  3. The things said will be in the form of strong statements about the life of the spirit person:  A medium who is truly connected to Spirit will present the information in the form of strong and confident statements, for example: “I know your Mother passed before your Father, she tells me she passed at the age of 88 of a heart attack. She also tells me she could hear the music you played for her while she was ill.” This is a strong statement and shows the medium is using the spiritual senses and receiving information from the Spirit. 
  4. Feel the energy:  The living will usually feel the energy of the spirit when a medium is truly connected with their loved one. 
  5. The medium will use words such as ‘I sense’ ‘I see’ ‘I feel’ or ‘I know’:  A true medium will be working in the beautiful energy of the spirit and will be working using their spiritual senses of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience and many more! You can usually know which senses are being used by the words the medium uses. For example: “I feel I have your Mother here, she tells me she passes of a brain tumour, and I can see she was in hospital at the time of her passing, would you understand this?”

My suggestion is to improve your own knowledge and experience, watch how other mediums work and learn more yourself about the mechanics of mediumship. Please remember that there are many charlatans out there, and some are simply delusional and think they do these things. The best thing when it comes to anything in life it to be educated well on the subject and then you can make informed decisions and choices. 

Mediumship is a dying art because so many either accept psychics on the platform or simply do not know the difference between a good Medium and a Psychic. Paul and I are determined not to allow the art of mediumship to die and fade away. We are passionate about it and want to help to keep it alive through educating the people who cross our paths in the true spiritual way. The way of the Spirit is always with love and understanding. Through being more educated your Spirit can and will grow. 

With Love & Blessings

Louisa Marie Sullivan

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Small Changes – One Day at a Time!


How many times do you say to yourself “I must get fitter’? “I must go on a diet?” “I need to make changes to my lifestyle.” Well if you are anything like me you probably say or think these things on a regular basis. 

The problem is that when we look at the goal as a whole it seems too big to achieve. For example: if you decided that you want to lose weight but look at the challenge and see all the lifestyle changes you need to make it can put you off before you start. It seems too much to do it all at once. However, if we can make small changes that take us one step at a time towards our goal and approach it with a ‘one day at a time’ attitude this can help us to begin first step towards our goal. 


Just recently I decided that I wanted to get fitter, to get outside more often and take some aerobic exercise and connect with nature. I started with walking a couple of times a week, just a short walk in the forest. I did this at times of the day which were different for me, I went out in the evenings and really enjoyed the energy of twilight. This simple act encouraged me to do more. I now go on short bike rides and I am starting to look forward to this every day. I knew I needed to make some dietary changes too, but I was not sure where to start. So I just started one day at a time to bring in some small changes to my food shopping and preparation. I started to include more fresh vegetables and grains into my diet, cutting down on sugar and caffeine, but all this was done gradually. I found this easier to maintain rather than going all out and being too strict. 

This attitude can apply to all areas of your life. For example: I wanted to start to sit for the Trance state more often and more regularly. So I just started it there and then and started to sit on 1-2 times a week. It is not always easy for me too maintain because of my work, I travel a lot so I need to be flexible, but as long as I am doing it when I can then I am happy with that. 

If you are like me and want to make some changes to your life for whatever reason, then I suggest start today and now. Do not put it off. We are so good at procrastination, saying imagesthat we will do these things and never quite getting around to doing it. As the saying goes ‘Actions speak louder than words’ so just do it and do not put it off. Drink that extra glass of water, cut down on 1 cup of coffee, bring in one more vegetable to your diet, sit 1 day extra for meditation. Whatever your goal is you can achieve it if you just start working towards it now. Don’t delay do it today!! Take the small steps and each one will bring you towards reaching and achieving your goal, but please only small steps or you set yourself up to fail if you try to do too much at once as it may be too much to maintain. 


Make sure you have fun along your journey wherever it may lead you! Enjoy and embrace the gift of each new day. I wish you all the success in reaching your goal whatever it may be! 

Blessings to you all 

Louisa Marie Sullivan 

Rushing Spiritual Development – Ask yourself “Am I ready?” 


This blog is aimed at those who want to offer professional treatment and services to the public and to those who seek them out! 

There is a subject which is very close to the heart of Paul and I right now. We so often see people rushing their development and expecting it all now. We also see people going on a weekend seminar and thinking they are professional in their field. We also see people who are ‘copy cats’ and who copying others rather than creating their own unique material and brand. 

We have many people who come to us for help and who have been damaged mentally and emotionally by going to others who are ill trained and not experienced enough. They have often been told misleading information which damages the mind of the emotions of the individual, and Paul and I spend much time ‘undoing’ this damage. We find it very upsetting and very disrespectful to Spirit and to the people who are receiving the treatment/service. 

We often find that such individuals are stopped by the Spirit and their work does not progress, and that people stop going to them. However, some damaged is still done! 

We have had people attend a 2 day seminar on mediumship and then think they are ready to demonstrate mediumship and to promote themselves as a professional. This lack of care and of responsibility is so damaging to our movement and gives it a bad name. We have to get back to the old traditional methods of developing Mediumship, and this is what Paul and I are working on. We believe that taking things slowly and learning in the correct environment with the correct experienced tutors is the best way for individuals to develop correctly. 

There are many charlatans and con men out there and some people are simply deluded and think they are doing these things, we particular witness this with the aspect of trance and past life regression. Both trance and past life regression require a very experienced and knowledgeable tutor because severe damage can be done otherwise. Again we have many people come to us who have been very damaged due to Past Life Regression by inexperienced individuals. We have also witnessed people who think they are in trance when it is simply their fantasy and imagination. 

So please stop and consider very carefully, ask yourself the question, am I ready? Do I have the knowledge and experience to deal with all situations which may arise within the service I am offering? For example: if you are teaching trance and a student cannot get back, ask yourself “Do I have the ability and the knowledge to deal with this?”

When we take personal responsibility for our actions and seriously want to help others amazing things can happen for all involved, however, we would really like to see people taking their time with their development. 

And if you do go to an individual offering mediumship, trance or past life please use your own common sense and if someone is telling you something which does not sit right with you please make your own judgement. But I just wanted to get this point across about people rushing development and offering services they are not ready to offer. 

Paul and I have over 27 years of experience in our fields and we can speak, teach, and do all aspects of mediumship such as private sittings, live mediumship demonstrations of mediumship, trance demonstrations, healing, physical mediumship and also teach on all these subjects. We have the knowledge and experience gained over many years through dedication and devotion to the Spirit. We have never rushed our own development and we wait until we feel ready to offer any service publicly because we have a sense of responsibility to ourselves, our clients and to Spirit.


Louisa Marie Sullivan

The Moon



What is the Moon?

The Moon is earth’s natural satellite and rotates on its own axel. Only one side of the Moon ever faces the Earth, and it is lit by the reflection of the Sun, so only one side ( the side facing Earth) is actually light, the other side is Dark.

The moon has a powerful effect on water and the tides on our planet Earth, so considering that our bodies contain approximately 65% water, then it makes sense that we might be affected by the different cycles of the Moon.

Therefore, it is considered by some to be of benefit to us to be aware of the Moon cycles. it can affect our moods, decisions, and in some beliefs it may guide us at the correct times to work on certain areas such as Cosmic Ordering. For example when the Moon is waning ( getting smaller after a Full Moon) it is considered a great time to remove what you no longer want in your life or what no longer serves you. When the Moon is Waxing (getting larger after New Moon) then this is considered the best time to attract what you want to you.

In this picture you are able to see the cycles of the Moon. On the far left it shows the Waxing Moon ( becoming larger), in the centre is the Full Moon and on the right is the Waning Moon. Because the Moon seems to have such a profound effect on our bodies and our planet then it makes sense to work with the Moon Cycles to maximise our wishes and needs.

Things to do when the Moon is Waxing ( becoming full)

This is the time to attract what we want and need.

1. Think of what you wish to have in your life, it begins with identifying those things, people, places etc which you wish to attract.

2. Decide in your heart what it is you desire, you need to strongly desire this for it to work.

3. Send up a message to the Universe in thought form saying that you have identified your hearts desire, think about it, feel it , see yourself having it and then let it go and think of it no more. Always send up a thought that it needs to be for the highest good of all concerned and harm non.

Things to do when the Moon is Full

5058d32504f5d9965a9b31ffcae5ed37--moonrise-moonset-beautiful-moonA Full Moon can be very powerful and affect us in many ways, for example I have a very special friend who is Cancerian, which is the Astrological sign of the Crab and a water sign, because we are made up of a large proportion of water they seem to be very affected by the Full Moon. Moods can be affected, mood swings, feelings of heightened energy and a need to be more creative. I sometimes feel a need for change around the Full Moon. It makes sense to use some of the special energy and work with it in a positive manner. I will share with you some examples of what I do on Full Moon to work with the energy and make it work for me.

If you feel like you have more energy use that in a creative way, what ever your creative talent is whether its writing, dancing, making crafts, drawing, playing a musical instrument, whatever it is just do it and feel the energy releasing and working for you. You may find that you produce some of your best work during this time.

2. This also a great time to cleanse and energise your Crystals, put them out in a Full Moon to cleanse any negative energy from them, and at the same time allowing the Moon to re-charge and re-energise them to their full potential once more. You may place them in the garden in full range of the Moon, or if that is not possible simply place them on a window seal where they can sit in the light of the Moon, this will have the same effect. Leave them overnight and they will be ready for you in the morning.

3. This is also a powerful time to send up a message to the Universe to have your wishes heard, so what is it you strongly desire? Maybe you wish to bring a great love into your life, great job, or simply direction on a certain matter, whatever it maybe send it up and let it go, but again it must be something you really desire in your heart and be specific. Its not good just thinking that you want a new love, you need to really desire that in your life, and let the Universe know details of what you want otherwise you may get a new love but they may not be quite what you had in mind. So do be clear when you send up you message. Its kind of like going into a restaurant and ordering steak but not saying how you like it done and which sauce you would like it served with.

Things to do when the Moon is Waning (getting smaller after a Full Moon).

This is the time to dispel what you no longer want or need in your life.

1. Think of what you no longer wish to have in your life, it begins with identifying those things, people, places etc which no longer serve you.

2. Decide in your heart that you no longer wish to have those things in your life, you need to strongly desire them gone.

3. Send up a message to the Universe in thought form saying that the things you have identified to no longer serve you be removed from your life for the highest good for all concerned (this bit is important always state that it is for The Highest Good for all concerned and will harm non). Then let it go and think of it no more.

So there you go some tips to get you working with the cycles of the Moon. Why not try it? We have this opportunity available to us throughout every month of the year. You may find that you desire different things during the various seasons. Work with what feels right for you and enjoy the energy of the Moon as it has been with us for 4.5 billion years according to some. This ancient and powerful energy can be easy to take for granted, but why not just give it a try and see what happens in a positive way.


Louisa Marie Sullivan


Magical March


Finally we are out of the depths of Winter and Spring is now in sight. We survived the darkness and this month the light returns with the welcome of the Spring Equinox on 20 and 21. March.

Today is a New Moon and brings the return of the Waxing Moon. Tonight is a good time to banish what you do not want in your life, getting rid of the old and things that do not serve you. As the Moon begins to Wax during the come days the 8. March is the time to bring in the new. During a Waxing Moon is the time to work on what you wish to draw to you, plant the seeds for the future and watch them grow.


This moon is also a wishing moon which means that the power of the moon is strong and it is the perfect time to let our wishes be known. What is it you want this year? Speak your hearts desire. Take some time to sit in quiet stillness and find your inner peace and get in touch with you. Ask the universe to help you and see what comes to mind. Never be afraid to ask for guidance from your guides and helpers too. Write down what you want and sleep with it under your pillow on 8. March. In the morning sit in your meditation area and put your piece of paper on in front of you.

Read it out aloud and then burn it in using a candle, remember to stay safe and make sure you burn it in something that can burn it in such as a large shell or ceramic burner. Then let it go, send the thought out to the Universe knowing it has been heard.

During this magical month we also have the Spring Equinox which is also known as Ostara and this falls on 20. and 21. March. Ostara is the time to celebrate new beginnings, growth, love and fertility. It marks the return of balance as the light and dark are now in balance once again. It marks the changes from winter to spring. This is a perfect time for abundance and success in all things. A time to plant your own seeds and bless them for the coming year. Consider your goals and what you wish to achieve during the coming months. Ring bells to awaken nature after a long winter sleep and to herald the arrival of Spring.

Enjoy this very special month and make the most the wonderful energy this months brings. Have fun and be joyful, begin the year as you mean to go on and wake everSpring-cleany morning with a spring in your step and go to the nights sleep with peace in your heart.

Many Blessings to you all

Louisa Marie Sullivan

Surviving The Winter Months


For many of us the Winter months of January and February can be a challenge. I have been challenged myself with he dark long nights and raining cold days. There is a distinct lack of light at this time of year. I think this time is especially challenging for those of us who are sensitive as our environment and surroundings affect us in many ways. I wanted to share with you in this blog what I do to survive the darkness of winter months.

When we understand that we are all part of nature and connected to nature in so many different and special ways, it would then make perfect sense that to live in harmony with nature is what will bring about peace within ourselves. The inner self is a complex thing and can sometimes elude us and we can lose touch with the way we are meant to live. Allow me to explain: If we look at natuimages4re during the winter months we can see that it sleeps. Nature does not expect much of itself during this time. It is a time for seeds to be nurtured, animals to rest and trees to sleep. Nothing will bloom until the Spring time comes and that is the way it is and nothing will alter that fact or change those circumstances. If we can learn to apply the principles of nature to our own lives then we learn to walk in step with nature, the earth and the universe. In the old days when man had no technology and life was slower man lived in harmony and walked the path of nature, they lived within the season. However, somewhere along the way man has lost this and lives a fast paced, technologically focused life. We drive fast cars, eat fast food, use fast Wifi, rush to work and generally live in a fast society. No wonder we can begin to feel miserable and tired in the Winter months. We are pushing ourselves at the same pace all year round. This is not meant to be the way. In the Winter we are designed to ‘SLOW DOWN’ and conserve our energy. But we push on regardless. No wonder so many of us get ill at this time of year, we are running our engines at full speed constantly and not giving our selves time to re-charge.

So I suggest that we stop for a minute. Think and slow down. At this time of year allow yourself the privilege of taking things at a calm and relaxed pace. By all means make your plans for the future, and plant the seeds, nurture them every day but do not expect images2them to come into fruition until the time is exactly right, because it will simply not happen no matter what you do to try and force it. When the light returns and Spring is in our sight, then and only then will your seeds bloom. By adopting this attitude and having this understanding we relieve the pressure we put on ourselves and also pressure from society. Know that things will change with the season and life and light will return once more. Use this special time to learn more, read more, nurture the self more, prepare yourself for the coming months ahead which will be filled with activity and you will need your conserved energy for those months and not for now. Now is the time to re-charge your own energy, connect to the inner self and be quiet and still.

Below I have shared with you my survival tips which I use myself. Perhaps some will work for you and some not, have a go and see what works for you. But survive you must for  this year holds amazing and special things which we cannot yet see. Have faith and learn to walk with nature and the seasons.

Survival Tips for the Winter Months

  1. Allow yourself the privilege of slowing down and conserving energy. Meditate, take long walks in nature do not expect too much of yourself at this time of year.
  2. Disconnect a little from technology. Allow the creative side of you to flourish.
  3. Read more.
  4. Start your day with some Yoga postures to replace the old energy of the night with the new energy of the day. The yogic breathing technique brings new energy so just do this if you cannot do the yoga postures.
  5. Take long hot baths with beautiful essential oils and candles
  6. Make your plans for the coming year, plant your seeds and do a little watering and nurturing everyday. Do not expect them to bloom until the Spring.
  7. In your meditations harmonise yourself with nature, and if you work with the Goddess harmonise yourself with the Crone Goddess who represents Winter.
  8. Eat nourishing and health giving foods – this is not really the time to diet as our bodies need extra fuel for energy.  Include healthy carbohydrate such as squash and root vegetables. Avoid too many potatoes though. Bring in healthy home made soups and stews. Avoid too much sugar, fast and processed food as they are void of healthy nutrients which are so important this time of year.
  9. Do not rush. Take your time and if you feel like sleeping more in the evening then do so.
  10. Above all nurture and love the self. Stay positive, be kind and gentle to yourself and do not expect too much at this time of year. Relax and enjoy the slowness of Winter because every season has it’s advantages and reasons for being as it is.

Many Blessings

Louisa Marie Sullivan




Karma is a Universal inescapable law of Cause and Effect. Sometimes Karma is immediate in our lives and sometimes it can take a few months or years to manifest. Let us consider the law of Cause and Effect for example; If we cut ourselves we bleed if we bang our arm we bruise these the immediate signs of cause and effect however sometimes the effect is not seen or felt immediately, If we steal from another we may not see the effect that has on another person, they may be damaged emotionally or even physically depending upon the nature of the theft if it was violent. This is when the law of cause and effect can have more long term effects which we call Karma. The Karma will affect the person who has caused it, but the effect will spread over time and may not be always visible of obvious. Perhaps things go very wrong for the person who has inflicted the suffering upon another, they may not relate these things to the act or crime they committed, perhaps they just think they are having a run of bad luck, but it is very much related to it. We must be aware that what we send out we get back. If we send out love to others we received love back, if we send out negative thoughts to others that is what we shall receive in return. There is a threefold law that states what we send out we receive back three times as strong. This belief is true in all we do in our lives. If we send out good health thoughts to another we receive that back in our own lives, if we help another in need that too is received. I could go on and on but I am sure you have the idea by now.

In our seminars the subject of Karma is often asked about. Paul and I have our own beliefs on this, our information has been given to us from our guides while in trance. The information we have been given feels right and makes perfect sense to us. 2We are often asked by our students about the effects of Karma when we re-incarnate. Many people believe that they bring the effects of an old life into a new life which is simply not true and can be very damaging to the individual. This can also be a great ‘get out clause’ for some who wishes to blame their ‘bad luck’ in this life on something they did in a past life. Please know that this is not the case. When we do this we are not taking ‘Personal Responsibility’ for our lives now. What you do now affects you now in this life, your past life Karma was to do with that life and has nothing to do with this new life.

Sometimes the Karma is not dealt with while we are alive on earth and can be more long term depending upon the nature of the things committed or done while alive. So when we die and pass into the world of Spirit this will be dealt with while we are in Spirit so that we can progress if we want to. If we do not then we cannot move on and evolve in the Spirit World. Please know that love and help is always given to every soul in the Spirit World so that every soul has the opportunity to move on.

However, when we are in the spiritual world it is our choice through ‘free will’ if we wish to progress and we do this by recognising our mistakes and things wUnknown1e did wrong during our earthly life. By recognising these things and learning the lessons we can then release our Karma and move on in the spirit world to different levels of evolvement, but it is our choice. Some souls may choose not to move on, but they will not have the choice to re-incarnate until they have cleared their karma by seeing their mistakes and learning their lessons.

When a new soul returns to the earth through their own choice it is to learn new lessons which they cannot learn in the spiritual world as they need an earthy environment in which to learn. So they choose to come back in a different  body to have new experiences which will enable them to progress and learn. For this reason there is no old Karma which is brought back to the earth as this would hinder the progress of the new soul. They are here to learn new lessons. So all old Karma which was not dealt with while on earth is dealt with in the spiritual world.

One can still have memories of past life while on this earth, but the Karma is definitely not brought back with us in our new lives, because we would not have been allowed to re-incarnate until this Karma has been dealt with in the spiritual world.6fce10135fd52d0420ca23d9faaa156b

Of course there are many different beliefs in this world and each is entitled to their own belief. However, we go by what comes through to us from our guides while in Trance so our information comes direct from spirit so that is what we believe.

Many blessings

Paul & Louisa