Survival Techniques for dealing Energy & the Environment



I have noticed recently that the more spiritually sensitive I become the more the environment is affecting me both mentally and physically.

What do I mean by this? Allow me to explain. As we breath in the air our bodies absorb Oxygen which is our vital life source, without it we cannot survive. As the breath revitalises and re-charges our bodies through this inhalation the quality of the air matters greatly, because if we breathe in polluted air this is what our bodies also absorb with each breath. With each breath we are also absorbing the energy of our polluting_factory1
environment on a spiritual level. This of course is more obvious and is felt much more intensely as we become more sensitive and attuned to the spiritual aspects of our lives. For example: think about the times you have visited the seaside/coast and your natural re-action might have been to stand looking at the ocean and take in a big gulp of sea air. You may have felt re-charged and energised as you did this, but I have to stress that it is not just the good quality sea air you are experiencing  but also the purity of the energy from the ocean,  your body feels it. Remember the times you may have walked in a forest and again the air and surroundings as you connect with nature give the feeling of being at one and re-charged. When we connect to any element of nature; earth, air, fire or pexels-photo-240040water we feel it and our bodies respond positively. However, it is not always possible to be in these natural wonderful environments and many of us have to live in towns, cities and places which  may not be conducive to good energy and health giving air. So how can we over come this and deal with this so that our environment does not affected us in a negative way?

I have found that through my own experiences with different energies and environments my body will re-act almost immediately in a spiritual, but mostly physical way. Let me explain; when I travel to different areas of the world with my work I come across some fantastic places for energy and in these places I feel calm, at peace and my body responds by allowing me to feel light and energised. However, when I visit a place where the energies are not conducive to human nature and are polluted my body responds with discomfort. I get aches and pains and feel generally low on energy. So what can we do?

I will share with you my survival techniques for dealing with a polluted environment which is not good for anyone, but is felt more intensely by the sensitive or spiritually attuned person.

  1. Drink more water than usual
  2. Eat life giving natural foods such as alkaline food.
  3. Burn incense in your house/room.
  4. Burn essential oils in your house/room as this keeps the air quality purer
  5. Use Himalayan Salty Lamps to purify the environment
  6. The use of sound can be very effective for clearing energy – try a singing bowl or drumming.
  7. Take a ‘Special Bath’ to cleanse your body and energy. *please see below for ingredients for a ‘Special Bath*.
  8. After your bath cleanse your energy with Sage and an essential oil spray if you have one.
  9. Go for a walk in nature as often as possible & connect with the elements of earth, air, fire, and water, and ask for the cleansing elements or fire and water to be activated.
  10.  Cleanse the chakras and aura more regularly
  11.  Sit in meditation to rest & re-charge the mind
  12.  Cleanse the house using the elements of earth (salt), air (incense), Fire ( candle) and water ( filtered water if possible).
  13. Think positive thoughts

Special Bath Ingredients 


  1. Run a bath of warm water
  2. Put Candles around the bath
  3. Add the following :

a) 2 cups of Magnesium Flakes – these help to relax the muscles and ease any aches and pains

b) 2 small cups of Himalayan salt – this will cleanse the skin

c) 16 drops of Lavender Essential Oil – or any essential oils which are cleansing or which you particularly like


d) 5 capfuls of Star Child Love Potion Oil ( this is optional if not available).


e) Sit back and relax in the mineral rich bath for at least 20 minutes.

f) After your bath use sage to smudge. I burn sage in its dried form with the leaves and smudge my auric field.

g) Spray your auric field with a good quality essential oil spray. I love the ones from The Goddess Temple in Glastonbury these smell great and are infused with the certain qualities depending upon the one you choose.

I hope this small changes will help those of you who are sensitive to your environment. Please feel free to leave any comments.

Many blessings to you all

Louisa Marie Sullivan

By Louisa Marie Sullivan

Trance Mediumship

What is Trance?


The medium allows their conscious self to blend with the Spirit which empower and overshadow the medium to give proof of survival. The medium is not completely taken over and may maintain a degree of control, and is able to return to full consciousness at any time.

The medium will enter in to an ‘Altered state’ which is much deeper than that achieved through regular meditation. When the medium has reached their own level of trance then Spirit can draw close as the medium relinquishes control to the world of Spirit. The level of consciousness will very much depend upon the ability of the medium to attune to the correct level for trance to occur.

Spirit move into the mediums Aura & influence their voice box and physical body.

What Are The Benefits of Trance?

In my experience trance can greatly increase the mediums attunement to the world of Spirit. It will train the medium to go within deeply while lowering their own physical vibrations of the body, and at the same time increasing the vibration of the mind, which enable them to achieve a higher attunement to the Spirit. As one sits more frequently for trance then one will naturally become more closely attuned to the other world. The benefits of trance can not be over estimated. Gordon Higginson said that all mediums should begin their development with Trance. I know that through my own personal experience it has helped me with my mediumship on all levels especially with the evidence.

How Deep Do Mediums Go In Trance?

There are varying degrees of trance. Ranging from a light trance where inspirational speaking can happen to a deep trance where the medium has lost ability to use their thinking powers.

The spirit will never be inside the mediums body even if it may look like this. The spirit of the medium does not leave the body while the spirit communicator is working with the medium. It is a blending of their energies together in order for communication to take place.



I am currently siting for Trance and I manage to reach a level of consciousness where I am in and out of the Trance state. Sometimes I will be aware of noises in the room and of what is being said, and at other times I am not aware at all. That is perfectly normal.




There are many levels of consciousness.

Normal Functioning awareness
Day Dreaming, ESP heightened psychic awareness, concentration, creativity, awareness of the spirit energy
Light sleep, light trance & healing
Deep Delta
Deep sleep, deep trance


First Level = Relaxation

Second Level= sitting in the silence. Pictures come in to the mind. Some of these pictures or visions can often provide answers to problems in life. These answers come from the divine source which is within you. They are not usually from a discarnate spirit.

Third Level = being aware of the power of Spirit around you. Your aura may get bigger to enable you to feel the energies. While you are in this ‘altered state’ Spirit can pass messages to your mind. At this level you may also get to know your guides who will come close and pass on knowledge etc.


Deeper levels of trance do exist but we will not discuss these in this article.

Is Trance Safe?

Yes Trance is perfectly safe done under the correct conditions and with the right guidance and education. The medium is perfectly well protected while in a Trance state by their own guides and helpers.

You will find that most Trance mediums have a ‘main guide’ who will prevent any unwelcome spirits coming into the mediums aura. They look after the mediums welfare.

While a medium is sitting in Trance they should be with another person so they can look out for them. A medium in Trance should not be touched while in the altered state, so having a person with them who is educated in the ways of Trance is essential.

Should I sit Alone for Trance?


It is not recommend that the medium sit alone for trance in advanced stages of development, however, it is fine to set the intention to develop & sit for the trance state when you first start. Try to sit alone for 20 minutes each day in meditation with the intention to develop and reach trance. One of the reasons that the medium should not sit alone in Trance is that the spirit person would have no one to speak with. When a medium sits for Trance it is usually to deliver the teachings of the Spirit through philosophy. So what would be the point of the medium sitting alone to bring through Spirit teachings and there is no one to listen to them. That to me seems like a pointless exercise. As the medium begins to go deeper in to the trance state then it would be advisable to have another person present to make sure they were not disturbed or touched while sitting, and so that Spirit person has someone to speak to.

What should I expect during a Trance Sitting?

A Trance sitting can vary from philosophical teachings of the spirt to evidence of a loved one coming through to speak to you. In my experience though it is mainly a guide coming through to give the teachings of the Great Spirit to help us understand life.

I have witnessed a loved one coming through giving profound evidence to the sitter and I have to say it is by far the best form of communication for me. Of course when a loved one communicates in Physical Mediumship through the voice box that is outstanding, but here we are discussing Trance.

Healing can also take place during a trance session & it is much stronger when the healer is in a trance state at some level.

Do I need training to do Trance?

The best training in my opinion is one you can do alone, and that is to Meditate on a regular basis and allow your meditation to reach a deep level where you can sit naturally for a period of time. From here you can start to work towards achieving the Trance state. This is when guidance will be required form a professional Trance Medium. Once you have been shown and taught the basics and you have a good understanding of the practice then by all means sit in trance with another person who also has understanding and has been correctly trained in Trance.

I can honestly say form personal opinion that being able to achieve the Trance state has brought my mediumship on in leaps and bounds, I believe that the level of evidence I am able to deliver has been possible because of my Trance development. I would strongly advise any medium who is serious about their development to consider sitting for Trance. Do not be afraid. Fear comes from being uneducated about the subject so learn as much as you can and take the correct teachings for your own development. See and feel who you are drawn to as a tutor and follow your intuition. Above all enjoy the experience it is truly amazing.

Our Next Trance Seminar is Glastonbury in September 2019


By Louisa Marie Sullivan

Your Relationship with Money & Materialism

Material possessions we have here on earth matter not in the afterlife.

We may place too much emphasis on material possessions. How much of your own life has been focused upon getting your house, the car you drive, clothes we wear, things we own?
Now I am not suggesting for a minute that those things mean nothing here on earth for it is essential that we have a home, a roof over our heads. We need to work to earn our living so that we can pay for our home, pay our bills and feed our families. Yes these things are important, for without them life becomes very challenging and stressful. It is an essential requirement of man living in this physical body that basic needs are met.

Most of us here living in England are fortunate enough that if we work and follow the correct path then these basic needs will be met. However, as we are all well aware, in some less fortunate countries we can clearly see the effects of not having basic needs met. In Africa we have starving, homeless children and families, in fact this can also been seen in a great many other countries too. But this is another subject in its own entirety.

Let us focus now on our own attitude to money and possessions. Money is a tool only. It is something we need to use wisely in our society to trade for our basic needs. Thats it.. in a nutshell nothing more nothing less. We trade our hard earned money for a home, food, electrically, gas, petrol, clothing the list goes on. It is our attitude to money which counts. piece-of-paper-2What is your relationship with money like? Have you ever considered this? Money is not a ‘God’ it is a tool which when used in the manner in which it was designed for can be positive. When we do not have enough money what happens? We become stressed, worried, we cannot meet our basic needs and pay bills and buy food. That is when we need to really look at our relationship with money. We can be our own worst enemies and by overly focusing on finance which can bring blocks into our own lives. When we stop focusing on money and giving it too much importance then it will flow. Sharing also comes in to this bracket of blocking the flow. We also need to give to those less fortunate than ourselves when we have the money to give, this simple act will indeed increase the abundance within your own lives. It is a natural law of cause and effect.

Possessions are not ours really, we never actually own anything it is all on loan. Now I am not referring to a loan like that of the bank. I am speaking about our time here on Earth. We cannot take anything physical into the Spirit World when we pass over ,which176 also includes our physical body. Our time here is limited and the things we accumulate here belong to earth and the physical. None of this matters in the Spirit World.

As Red Cloud States “ The only thing you bring into my world is Character. What will you bring into my world when you come over here?”

When we are able to let go of the importance of material possessions we are free. We become free of the chains that have been created by man in his search for perfection on the earth plane. We may think that because we reflect outwardly a perfect life we are indeed perfect and in keeping with with life & universal law. Maybe we have a comfortable home, we work hard, we pay our bills, we drive an ok car, we go to church and we give to charity, we look after our family. However, this all portrays good and quite rightly but how is it done? In what manner and frame of mind are all these things perceived? Do they take prevalence over happiness and a good and kind heart. When we give to charity are we really considering those it goes to? When we help a friend in need is this done without judgement an expectations of a return? Check these things within before we give as they will be meaningless unless it is done with the correct intention.

This leads me on to your to good deeds done here on earth with a good heart. It is so important that when we do good for another we do it not to receive ourselves but to enrich the life of another person.fd8087916f9e905ca96af529a21b5422--money-is-not-everything-diva-quotes That good deed can be to simply care and love someone unconditionally. It can be to help another out of their troubles, maybe we need to give financial help to another and we know at this time they have no way of repaying us. However, we give unconditionally.

Red Cloud States “There is no such person as the ‘Devil’ but materialism is a very real devil to mans better self”.


Letting go of placing our focus on material possessions can be a powerful exercise of release. I am not saying you need to go and give away all your material possessions I am simply suggesting that we do not place too much importance upon them, like money they are a tool. A tool to enable you to live without threat and in relative comfort. But it is not the totality of life. So today practice as much as you can the letting go of focusing on material possessions and money. They are simply tools provided to us while on this earthly existence to enable us to live in a manner which our earthly bodies require. When one can do this one becomes at peace with themselves and is truly following the spiritual path of enlightenment.


By Louisa Marie Sullivan

Good Old Fashioned Mediumship- What’s Happened?


I felt compelled to write an article on a subject which has been one of great debate in my circles recently. What has happened to good old fashioned mediumship & physical phenomena? Why is it that things seem so very different now from the old days and the old ways of mediumship? What has happened to our mediumship and why?

I am not suggesting that I have all the answers. However, I do feel very strongly that there is a need for and discussion on this subject.

When we look back at the old days of mediumship. Our pioneers seemed to have a definite link to the spirit world. The phenomena that was witnessed and recorded for us to read about left no doubt in ones mind to the presence of the spirit. We can always say that perhaps the authors where given to exaggeration? We can hypothesis that conditions were more perfect to receive that type of communication back then. But I have to say categorically that there is a distinct absence of physical & strong evidential mediumship of that level in our current society.

Let us look at various types of physical mediumship. We have levitation, direct voice, transfiguration, materialisations, raps and knocks, apports and spirit lights. All these may be experienced when sitting in a physical circle. It can take years of tumblr_mu3qjqnEw11sk9wcqo1_500dedication and just sitting to achieve any or all of these experiences. Not all mediums can be a physical medium, as the correct components of the spirit need to be able to manifest within the medium. The medium needs to be able to produce ectoplasm, and not all can do that. A circle may need to sit for only one or two mediums to produce the phenomena. This means the other members of the circle will offer their energy only for the medium/ Mediums and spirit to use. Unless there is complete dedication from all the sitters then this manifestation will not be able to occur.

The spirit choose carefully those with whom they will work. I believe the mediums will be tested first on many levels to see if they are fit both mentally and physically for spirit to work with them. The trouble is that spirit find it a challenge these days. When and if they find the correct italian-physical-medium-francesco-carancini-demonstrates-table-liftingmedium; the question is then does this medium have the commitment to stay the course. The rewards will of course be worth the effort in the long run, but will they stay the course. We live in a world of immediate gratification, we want every thing quickly and now. Have we lost the ability to wait and have patience? I feel we may have become rather conditioned in this way. In the old days there was no TV, no computers or social media, which are all distractions and not conducive to spirit communication. Years ago families would sit beside the fire in the evenings in candle light this environment is very conducive to allowing the spirit to come close and communicate with them.

There is also a distinct lack of dedication around today, and unfortunately we see this in our churches to the platform and in our schools with our children. I am speaking generally here as there are a handful of great mediums still around who have dedicated their lives to mediumship and are great when performing on platform either in philosophy or in giving messages. However, general speaking there is a distinct lack of people coming in to mediumship now who have that long term goal, who are prepared to wait and go all the way with their ability allowing the link with spirit to strengthen and grow. I am not blaming anyone for this but I feel it rather a way of life to which we have become accustomed, wanting it all now and not being prepared to wait.

P_Ronald_Cocksell_Ecto_23Nov1946I do not feel we have lost the ability to attain that connection with the spirit that our pioneers had. I simply feel we have lost the ability wait and look at the bigger picture. Belief also plays a big part as we can often lose the belief in our own ability when nothing seems to be happening for a long time within our own development. It is at those times that we need to persevere, and that is when the support of our own team or circle will be vital. When that support is missing circles fall apart as people lose interest and faith which is very sad.

Mediums who’s goal is to perform mental mediumship must also be encouraged to aid those who wish to develop the physical mediumship as it is these mediums who will be so essential to providing the energy spirit need to manifest physical phenomena. The mediums will also benefit greatly from sitting in the energy of a physical circle as it can also stimulate their own development of mediumship meaning that their evidence will be stronger. We can therefore see that the benefits of sitting for physical will be beneficial for all in the circle.

Our world will change, we can almost see if now, more people are looking for ‘something’ searching for answers. Our world of convenience and instant gratification must and will alter. I sense a moving back before we move forward within our movement. Mediumship must change. It cannot continue how it is right now. There will be more psychics out there and and less great mediums. Allow this not to become a dying practice, stand up now educate yourself and sit for spirit even if you sit alone you are sending out a strong message to the spirit world. You are saying “ I am prepared to work for this, I am dedicated and I believe.” The spirit world will respond to those who offer up this message. You will be rewarded, maybe not today, or tomorrow or even next week or next year, but show that you have patience and determination to be the best you can be for yourselves and for the power of the spirit.

When you sit create the atmosphere. Turn off the computer, phone and TV. Light the candles and invite spirit in. Experience the power and know they are with you. It does not need to be moreP_Old_seance_table_levitation

complex than that. We have a tendency to over complicate what should be a very natural and beautiful experience. I feel it is not necessary to work in complete darkness when you are in a physical circle this is a pet hate of mine. Our pioneers never required complete darkness so why do we require it to be so. This is man made and unnecessary in my opinion. However, there may be some physical mediums out there who believe that they need the environment to be in complete darkness, and for them it must be so, as that is what they believe.“As a man thinketh in his heart so it is”. Red Cloud. It is my belief that spirit do not require this.

So I say to you get back to old fashioned ways of living especially when developing mediumship and physical mediumship. Do not lose sight of the power of keeping things simple and do not allow the temptation to over complicate things take over. It is unnecessary. Look at your development with an open mind and know it is a longterm commitment for it is when the commitment is demonstrated the rewards come. It takes time to develop and we all develop at different speeds some slow and some fast. Have no expectations, but just allow spirit to be with you whether you sit in a development circle for communication or a physical circle ( this will take years of siting). Know that our soul continues to develop even after the physical death, so why not advance as much as you can in the here and now while on the earth plane? Start today and see how the power of the spirit can and will influence and improve your life in a positive way.

By Louisa Marie Sullivan