10 Tips for A Psychic & Spiritual Spring Clean

A Psychic & Spiritual Spring Clean


Spring is fast approaching, I can feel it in the air today. I woke with the energy high and feeling it was time for a clean Out of my old clothes and items which are on longer needed or desired. The sun was shining outside as I began to go through my belongings. I also cleaned the wardrobes and cupboards. This felt wonderful after I had completed the task, so refreshing but also very energising. The action of Spring Cleaning also allows for the movement of energy once again. Things will flow better and life starts to move forward.

Now if the action of spring cleaning our home has such a positive effect on our lives, image the effect of having a Psychic or Spiritual Spring Clean.

It is the perfect time now to clear out old ways of working which perhaps no longer serve you. Perhaps its a great time change the way you Work or Bring in new methods and ways of working Spiritually, perhaps learn a skill. Work with a different product or tool, take a course in whatever subject really interests you.

At this time of the year, just before Spring really steps in I like to prepare myself both Spiritually and Physically for the wonderful months ahead. I will begin a Spring Detox of fresh vegetable juices, I will try to get outdoors for more walks and exercise.  Below are some of my Top Tips for your Spring Psychic & Spiritual Spring Clean:Be-Happy-Feel-Good-5-1024x640

1. Begin with your physical body. Purify your system with vegetable juices and spring water instead of tea & coffee. Just try it for a week and see and feel the difference.

2. Get outside and take in the fresh air & walk to exercise your body and clear the mind

3. Re-Assess how you work spiritually. Are you in a rut or do you need to re-fresh your wonderful abilities? Do the tools you use still work for you as well as they did before?

4. Throw away any psychic tools you have not worked with in the last 2 years.

5. Learn a new skill. Perhaps you wish learn something new and introduce this into your spiritual work.

6. Perform a Chakra & Aura Cleanse

7. Perform a Spiritual House Cleanse. This should be done every few weeks or months.

8. Have you been thinking of starting a new form of exercise? Now is the time to start. Kundalini Yoga is fantastic for increasing clairvoyance by stimulating the Pituitary Gland. This exercise also increases intuition and brings fresh blood to the brain and glandular system.

9. Perhaps have a spiritual assessment  to see where you are in your development and where your unique abilities lay.

10. This is also a great time to set goals for the months ahead.

Try to use this time positively as much as you can. We are now coming out of the sleepy months of winter which are used to plan, plant seeds but not to take action. Now we are in the beginning stages of Spring  the action begins, so lets get started nwellbeingow! Do not delay do It today…There is no time like the present to make things happen for ourselves. Set procrastination aside, and do the best you can to implement some: if not all of the tips outlined above.

Above all have fun and enjoy what you do especially now as we enter this wonderful year. Time is on our side as we are still at the beginning of the year. We have plenty of time to bring about the changes we want to have in our lives. The changes which will ultimately allow us to awaken, feel happy and content.

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