Working With The Tarot

How to Work With The Tarot


The Tarot is an Ancient Art of divination. Used by the Egyptians to gain insight and answers. The Tarot when used correctly will work beautifully for you in a positive way. Most use the Tarot to provide Psychic Readings for others who may be in need of direction and life guidance. There are a whole host of reasons why someone may consult the Tarot for answers but that is a whole new subject.

The Tarot consists of a deck of 78 Cards. 22 of these cards are Major Arcana which depict major events. The other 56 cards represent minor events in our life and are the supporting cards to the Major Arcana in a reading.

The Minor Arcana are divided into 4 Suits:

1. Cups – Represent Emotions and Feelings

2. Swords – Represent Action, Movement & Struggle

3. Wands – Represent Ideas, Growth & Expansion ( for me they also link to Work )

4. Pentacles– Prosperity, Security, Stability, Finance

Then we have the Court Arcana which consists of :





There are 16 Court Cards and I use these to represent people and their Star Signs

For Example a King Of Pentacles Represents an Earth Sign Man ( Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn )

I have worked with the Tarot now for many years and can be an excellent tool when delivering a psychic reading. When conducting a reading you may wish to consider if you will work with tools such as the Tarot of work hands free ( Without Tools ).

How To Chose the Right Cards For You

When choosing a Pack of Cards to work with it is best to allow your intuition to guide you and feel the energy of the cards. Are you drawn to them or not?  Do not allow others to persuade you, as what works for them may not work for you. Get a feel of the Cards. Do you like the name & appearance? Often those of you are very visual will  work best with beautifully well illustrated images and vibrant colours.  Go with your Intuition 51O0r5KegtL._SL110_and initial reaction when you first glanced at the cards and go with It. If you are able have the cards in front of you run your hand over the cards to feel their energy.. Does it feel right for you? Do you feel anything at all? I have worked  with Two Decks and My Favourites are The Gilded Edge & The Legacy of the Divine Tarot. If you are new to Tarot & Oracle Cards you may want to start with something more basic such as The Rider Waite Deck or maybe the Oracle Cards would be right or you if you have not been taught the Tarot by a professional.

How To Program Your New Cards to Work for You

When you finally chose your new deck of cards you will need to program them to work for you. Take the cards out of their box and Hold say to ‘Hello’ To Each Card Individually by turning each Card over the Saying ‘Hello’. Then take the cards in your TarotSymbolsIntuitionleft hand and program them. Tap on the  pack to knock any energy out of the deck which may have been picked up during handling and packaging. We do not need negative energy in the cards.  Then light some incense and cleanse the cards by waving the Deck through the Incense and say some Words to Program them for you.

How to Get the Deck to Speak to You intuitively

Once you have read the book which comes with the cards once, discard and do not use it again. Try to work with your cards by reading them intuitively.  You now need to activate your cards to get them to speak to you.  The Tarot is a Magical Art and your cards need to speak to you before you can work with them.

Where Do I Take This Now I have My Cards?

Once you begin working with Cards whether it is a Tarot or Oracle Deck you may wish to Commence some training so you can then read for others and really understand your cards.  You may decide that actually you are quite content to simply consult the cards for your own personal use. Whatever you decide you are now on a very exciting an amazing path, you have opened the door to the psychic & spiritual world. You may find that your natural curiosity grows over time and you develop a natural Desire to learn more. Enjoy your cards and take good care of them and they will work for you. Keep them in a nice pouch especially designed for cards. Cleanse them in the full moon & incense. Don’t forget to knock the energy out of them between clients. Do this by holding them in your left hand and tapping on the cards to remove any negative energy and re-fresh them, I also blast them with white light in my minds eye. This way your cards will work well for you and the more you work with them the stronger the energy and link will be. Above all have fun and enjoy the cards whichever ones you choose.

I have an online 6 week Tarot course starting on the 8th January 2019. This consists of videos, worksheets, meditations delivered to your email address each week. This is an excellent course for beginners/ intermediate level or for those who already use cards perhaps you would simply like to learn more about them, perhaps you only use a couple of spreads and wish to know more, and how to go more in-depth with your readings to delivery more detailed information to your clients. This course will deliver all you need where ever you are on your journey with the Tarot. It is also a super way of increasing and awakening your connection to the cards & so enhancing your intuition and psychic senses.

To Enrol Now 

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