Feeling Stuck


Have you ever had the feeling that everything you do is simply not happening? People are not responding to Emails. Text Messages and Telephone Calls. Every where you turn doors seem closed and no opportunity seems to present itself to allow progress.

You feel as if things, people and places are being striped from you and it feels as if your life is changing beyond recognition.

You are normally a very positive and a Proactive person but just lately things seem to be at a standstill. You do not feel right and life seems blocked. You find it difficult to find any direction… know the feelings?

Ok so all that sounds rather negative but nether the less it is true. Rubbish happens to us all sometimes and it all seems to come at once.

So what on earth is happening? 

Sometimes we are being directed to take a different route or direction in our lives, we need to listen to the signs that are being sent to us. When we are Stuck, it is a good idea to take some time in silence and away from out daily routine and lives. When we do this we re-connect with our true & inner selves. This allows for clarity of thought and for the Divine to connect with us. Sometimes we are so focused on what is not happening in our lives or on what is going wrong, that we can miss the messages and signs being given to us from the Universe. A small change in our routine like taking  day out somewhere different but alone so we can think, going for a walk somewhere quiet, Meditating or just sitting still and allowing ourselves to just be. Use whatever you are drawn to do, whatever suits you, just go with your gut feeling here, thats important.

When I have been in this situation I usually just sit, I try arrange to have the house to myself for a couple of days or a day, sit and do nothing apart from rest and allow the solution to come, and come it does. I wait patiently for a sign. When it comes you will recognise it as it feels good and feels right. You will also be given the motivation to take action and will not be able to wait to do just that.. this is the time you break out of your box and get the ‘Cycle of Life’ moving once again.


Now you feel motivated an your energy and drive return. An amazing thing happens next. The Emails are moving and people are returning your Voicemails and Text Messages, Opportunities start to present themselves and the feeling of ‘Being Stuck’ is no longer there.

Your mind is clearer and you feel able to make decisions which previously seemed impossible.

You did an amazing thing here.. by simply recognising the situation and taking personal responsibility for it by taking some action, even if you just sat for a day, that is still taking action to do nothing. You have made a conscious decision to do something about ‘Being Stuck’.

Just to diverse from this for a second, I know some people may be affected by Negativity, which will need to be dealt with separately, when Negative Energy is present it may not be enough to just apply the methods above. You may need to  bring in other practices too, such as a house Cleanse, Chakra Cleanse & Aura Cleanse. I wont go into that now as that is a whole new Subject.

I do hope that makes sense to you & I would really appreciate any feedback from those of you who try out the methods above.

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