When we are in Need of a ‘Psychic & Spiritual Tune Up’

‘Psychic & Spiritual Tune Up’


I have had the most Bizarre experience recently. I had not felt connected to my Guides and to Spirit for a Few days, I was not feeling the usual amount of High Energy when I opened up. I was able to Connect enough to Read for People but I am accustomed to being able to feel and sense the Higher Energies when I connect to Read. I normally need to take time to Ground myself for a while after conducting Readings. However, this had not been necessary or felt  to be so important since I had not connected with the High Levels over the last few days.

Now, I know that we sometimes go through a Spiritual Change on occasions when we go up a Spiritual Level, that can sometimes feel as though Spirit has ‘Pulled the Plug’. During this process we can feel as though our Development has Plateaued, its like pulling back an Arrow before you let it go. However, I knew this felt different and was not the case in this situation. I have been Through many Spiritual Changes before and I am able to Recognize the Feelings and Symptoms associated with it.

Frustration set in for me, what is happening I asked myself and what can I do. So I decided to consult a very dear and Trusted Colleague of mine, Rachel Keene. Rachel is the only Psychic I like to Read for me. I go Rachel when I feel I require a Reading for Guidance and Insight in to certain areas of my life. Even though I am A Psychic Medium myself for longer in depth readings I need to visit another Psychic or Medium. It is a well known fact that Psychics & Mediums should not read for themselves, so I asked Rachel to look into it for me.

I knew something was not right with me and Rachel said she could work with me the following week. However, something wonderful happened to me that very night. After chatting to Rachel, I went too bed. During my sleep I had a very strange Dream where I felt something being unblocked in my head, particularly on my Crown Chakra. chakrasUpon waking I felt very different, much better to be honest. I began getting ready for my Show on Psychic Today. I messaged Rachel and told her what I had Experienced during my Sleep State and I asked her if she had done anything Remotely while I had been asleep. She said she had done a Chakra Cleanse concentrating on my Crown Chakra, Third Eye and Solar Plexus. Well I can tell you the Result was nothing short of Amazing. I went to work and my connection was back to the levels I am accustomed to. The Show went really well and I was so relieved to be back to normal.

When I spoke to Rachel she said my Crown Chakra and Third Eye had been blocked. I had what you might call a ‘Psychic MOT’. I have now decided to book myself in for a ‘Psychic & Spiritual Tune Up’ every month with Rachel. Even though I perform regular Chakra Cleanse Meditations myself every couple of days, I feel I may have had a build of which needed a stronger approach. To think that what Rachel did for me, and Remotely too ( which means from a Distance ) was so powerful I would strongly recommend this MOT to all People who work Spiritually. I work six days per week in the Spiritual Industry so may require this service more often than those of you who work less time.

Having experienced this Block myself I will not allow it to happen again and like I take care of my Physical Body with a Pure Diet and Yoga, I will also ensure my Spiritual Body is also taken care of by having a ‘Spiritual MOT’.

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