Karma is a Universal inescapable law of Cause and Effect. Sometimes Karma is immediate in our lives and sometimes it can take a few months or years to manifest. Let us consider the law of Cause and Effect for example; If we cut ourselves we bleed if we bang our arm we bruise these the immediate signs of cause and effect however sometimes the effect is not seen or felt immediately, If we steal from another we may not see the effect that has on another person, they may be damaged emotionally or even physically depending upon the nature of the theft if it was violent. This is when the law of cause and effect can have more long term effects which we call Karma. The Karma will affect the person who has caused it, but the effect will spread over time and may not be always visible of obvious. Perhaps things go very wrong for the person who has inflicted the suffering upon another, they may not relate these things to the act or crime they committed, perhaps they just think they are having a run of bad luck, but it is very much related to it. We must be aware that what we send out we get back. If we send out love to others we received love back, if we send out negative thoughts to others that is what we shall receive in return. There is a threefold law that states what we send out we receive back three times as strong. This belief is true in all we do in our lives. If we send out good health thoughts to another we receive that back in our own lives, if we help another in need that too is received. I could go on and on but I am sure you have the idea by now.

In our seminars the subject of Karma is often asked about. Paul and I have our own beliefs on this, our information has been given to us from our guides while in trance. The information we have been given feels right and makes perfect sense to us. 2We are often asked by our students about the effects of Karma when we re-incarnate. Many people believe that they bring the effects of an old life into a new life which is simply not true and can be very damaging to the individual. This can also be a great ‘get out clause’ for some who wishes to blame their ‘bad luck’ in this life on something they did in a past life. Please know that this is not the case. When we do this we are not taking ‘Personal Responsibility’ for our lives now. What you do now affects you now in this life, your past life Karma was to do with that life and has nothing to do with this new life.

Sometimes the Karma is not dealt with while we are alive on earth and can be more long term depending upon the nature of the things committed or done while alive. So when we die and pass into the world of Spirit this will be dealt with while we are in Spirit so that we can progress if we want to. If we do not then we cannot move on and evolve in the Spirit World. Please know that love and help is always given to every soul in the Spirit World so that every soul has the opportunity to move on.

However, when we are in the spiritual world it is our choice through ‘free will’ if we wish to progress and we do this by recognising our mistakes and things wUnknown1e did wrong during our earthly life. By recognising these things and learning the lessons we can then release our Karma and move on in the spirit world to different levels of evolvement, but it is our choice. Some souls may choose not to move on, but they will not have the choice to re-incarnate until they have cleared their karma by seeing their mistakes and learning their lessons.

When a new soul returns to the earth through their own choice it is to learn new lessons which they cannot learn in the spiritual world as they need an earthy environment in which to learn. So they choose to come back in a different  body to have new experiences which will enable them to progress and learn. For this reason there is no old Karma which is brought back to the earth as this would hinder the progress of the new soul. They are here to learn new lessons. So all old Karma which was not dealt with while on earth is dealt with in the spiritual world.

One can still have memories of past life while on this earth, but the Karma is definitely not brought back with us in our new lives, because we would not have been allowed to re-incarnate until this Karma has been dealt with in the spiritual world.6fce10135fd52d0420ca23d9faaa156b

Of course there are many different beliefs in this world and each is entitled to their own belief. However, we go by what comes through to us from our guides while in Trance so our information comes direct from spirit so that is what we believe.

Many blessings

Paul & Louisa

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