Your Relationship with Money & Materialism

Material possessions we have here on earth matter not in the afterlife.

We may place too much emphasis on material possessions. How much of your own life has been focused upon getting your house, the car you drive, clothes we wear, things we own?
Now I am not suggesting for a minute that those things mean nothing here on earth for it is essential that we have a home, a roof over our heads. We need to work to earn our living so that we can pay for our home, pay our bills and feed our families. Yes these things are important, for without them life becomes very challenging and stressful. It is an essential requirement of man living in this physical body that basic needs are met.

Most of us here living in England are fortunate enough that if we work and follow the correct path then these basic needs will be met. However, as we are all well aware, in some less fortunate countries we can clearly see the effects of not having basic needs met. In Africa we have starving, homeless children and families, in fact this can also been seen in a great many other countries too. But this is another subject in its own entirety.

Let us focus now on our own attitude to money and possessions. Money is a tool only. It is something we need to use wisely in our society to trade for our basic needs. Thats it.. in a nutshell nothing more nothing less. We trade our hard earned money for a home, food, electrically, gas, petrol, clothing the list goes on. It is our attitude to money which counts. piece-of-paper-2What is your relationship with money like? Have you ever considered this? Money is not a ‘God’ it is a tool which when used in the manner in which it was designed for can be positive. When we do not have enough money what happens? We become stressed, worried, we cannot meet our basic needs and pay bills and buy food. That is when we need to really look at our relationship with money. We can be our own worst enemies and by overly focusing on finance which can bring blocks into our own lives. When we stop focusing on money and giving it too much importance then it will flow. Sharing also comes in to this bracket of blocking the flow. We also need to give to those less fortunate than ourselves when we have the money to give, this simple act will indeed increase the abundance within your own lives. It is a natural law of cause and effect.

Possessions are not ours really, we never actually own anything it is all on loan. Now I am not referring to a loan like that of the bank. I am speaking about our time here on Earth. We cannot take anything physical into the Spirit World when we pass over ,which176 also includes our physical body. Our time here is limited and the things we accumulate here belong to earth and the physical. None of this matters in the Spirit World.

As Red Cloud States “ The only thing you bring into my world is Character. What will you bring into my world when you come over here?”

When we are able to let go of the importance of material possessions we are free. We become free of the chains that have been created by man in his search for perfection on the earth plane. We may think that because we reflect outwardly a perfect life we are indeed perfect and in keeping with with life & universal law. Maybe we have a comfortable home, we work hard, we pay our bills, we drive an ok car, we go to church and we give to charity, we look after our family. However, this all portrays good and quite rightly but how is it done? In what manner and frame of mind are all these things perceived? Do they take prevalence over happiness and a good and kind heart. When we give to charity are we really considering those it goes to? When we help a friend in need is this done without judgement an expectations of a return? Check these things within before we give as they will be meaningless unless it is done with the correct intention.

This leads me on to your to good deeds done here on earth with a good heart. It is so important that when we do good for another we do it not to receive ourselves but to enrich the life of another person.fd8087916f9e905ca96af529a21b5422--money-is-not-everything-diva-quotes That good deed can be to simply care and love someone unconditionally. It can be to help another out of their troubles, maybe we need to give financial help to another and we know at this time they have no way of repaying us. However, we give unconditionally.

Red Cloud States “There is no such person as the ‘Devil’ but materialism is a very real devil to mans better self”.


Letting go of placing our focus on material possessions can be a powerful exercise of release. I am not saying you need to go and give away all your material possessions I am simply suggesting that we do not place too much importance upon them, like money they are a tool. A tool to enable you to live without threat and in relative comfort. But it is not the totality of life. So today practice as much as you can the letting go of focusing on material possessions and money. They are simply tools provided to us while on this earthly existence to enable us to live in a manner which our earthly bodies require. When one can do this one becomes at peace with themselves and is truly following the spiritual path of enlightenment.