My aim of the this article is to share my own personal experience with you and help you to become aware of energy both positive and negative. I will be sharing with you my personal tips and practices which I have found over the years work for me. I am not suggesting this will necessarily work for you, but I wanted to share my information with others who may be struggling a little with dealing with energy especially the sensitives out there.

What is protection & what are we protecting ourselves from? 

Over the years working as a medium and being involved in the Paranormal  I have needed to learn as much as I possibly can about protection. Now I can hear you say what do you mean by protection? I am referring to Spiritual protection. Sensitives such as psychics mediums and healers seem to be more prone to the effects of energy. Energy is all around us and comes to us in many different forms such as light energy, heat energy and energy from other people and places. The type of energy I am referring too here is the energy which can affect us from people and places. Allow me to give you an example: have you ever had the experience of speaking to another person and you begin to feel tired and possible a little drained? Your eyes may begin to feel heavy and your own energy can start to feel depleted. This is what I am talking about. Places and buildings can also ‘zap’ your energy when one is sensitive. Stone and brick is able to hold energy and if a building has had a  lot of negative events occur within its walls, or negative people who may have lived there then this too can be held within the ‘make up ‘ of that building. Upon entering you may get a feeling of just not liking it there, and you may actually feel like leaving or if it is very strong it can actually begin to make you feel quite ill or sick.

Energy can also be positive and that is not the kind of energy we need to protect ourselves from, here I am referring to energy of the negative kind. If we are not protected from this kind of energy it can seriously affect our work. I work on platform demonstrating mediumship to small and large audiences. While in that environment I am opening up to Spirit to enable me to receive communication, but I am also opening myself up to the variety of energies from the people in my audience. For example: if a person in the audience has had a  particularly bad day and is feeling very negative, as the medium I will also feel this and this can really affect my work and connection to Spirit.

What do we do about it? How can I protect myself?

There are some very simple practises you can do to help yourself and to ensure your energy is always conserved and free from negative energy you do not need. I am going to share a few of mine here with you now.

Before I do any spiritual work at all I will always prepare myself and the place in which I am to work. For example: if I am demonstrating somewhere I will always ask Archangel Michael to go ahead to that place and cleanse the building to lift the vibrations to a higher level. Now I do not usually work with the Angels but when it comes to cleansing in this way they do an amazing job for me. IMG_0259

I will then prepare myself by sitting in meditation and asking my guides for protection. I will then use my Protection Spray which I make myself with infused oils, herbs & magical intent. I spray myself from at the head and allow the mist to form a protective golden shield around my entire body from head to toe.IMG_0269I then say to myself that only love and light can enter this circle and any negativity is sent back to whence it came. While I am doing this I will be burning Taos Sage on a charcoal. Taos Sage is grown in the high deserts of South-Western America and is used in purification rituals for protection and to help with astral travel. The Native Americans used it to make bad spirits sick and to scare them away.

When I leave for my demonstration I will take my spray and little bag of magick ( my amulet) which I put together with protective crystals, herbs and oils all infused
with magickal intent. I keep these in my bag while I work. If I need to refresh my protection at any stage during my demonstration I just visualise the gold shimmering light all around me which has been put in place by the protective spray. IMG_0258

When I finish working I always ground my energy and disperse of any energy which I do not need. I do this by visualising the energy leaving my body and aura through my feet and into the earth where it can be recycled into positive energy once in the earth. I then smudge using Taos Sage sticks when I am home and finish off with a final squirt of the protection spray.


I always carry my protection spray and protective amulet bag with me even when I am not working as I have found that my energy will need protecting in many different environments.

These are only suggestions for you. You may wish to experiment and find what works for you personally. The most powerful tool you have for protection is your
belief. Believe you are protected and so it will be. However, I have found that having some extra ‘tools’ and tricks of the trade can greatly enhance your own protective powers. So experiment and find what works for you but like me don’t just leave it as I had to learn from experience. Learn now how to conserve and protect your own precious energy.


Louisa Marie Sullivan CSNU