10 Tips for A Psychic & Spiritual Spring Clean

Medium Louisa Marie Sullivan

A Psychic & Spiritual Spring Clean


Spring is fast approaching, I can feel it in the air today. I woke with the energy high and feeling it was time for a clean Out of my old clothes and items which are on longer needed or desired. The sun was shining outside as I began to go through my belongings. I also cleaned the wardrobes and cupboards. This felt wonderful after I had completed the task, so refreshing but also very energising. The action of Spring Cleaning also allows for the movement of energy once again. Things will flow better and life starts to move forward.

Now if the action of Spring Cleaning our home has such a positive effect on our lives, image the effect of having a Psychic or Spiritual Spring Clean.

It is the Perfect time now to clear out old ways of working which perhaps no longer…

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