Living In The Now!


During the Second World War people had to live day to day and hand to mouth. They had no idea what tomorrow would bring for them, or even if they would see tomorrow. Life was challenging and they lived on the edge making the most of what they had right now. In a bizarre kind of way people seemed happier then by all accounts, even though they lived in constant danger and threat, they lived for today and made the most of the now.

Material possessions meant very little during the war as there was little available and what little they did have meant a lot to them. It also eliminated social competitiveness as most were on the same or similar level with regards to what they had. Life must have seemed simpler and less complicated then. There was a strong sense of community, a sense of equality and a lack of competition. Because of their situation people were brought together. They helped each other and living in the now also took away procrastination (putting things off), they did it now!

600_350066072Let me ask you my friends, how many of you Iive in the past or the future? How often do you find your mind wondering and thinking about future event which has not happened yet and may never happen. Worrying about a bill to be paid, worrying about our job. How many of you have played a scenario over in your minds about losing something you care dearly about? Even though there is no actual threat as such we still imagine it in our minds. I say you to Stop! Try to take control of your mind and to be aware of your thoughts, this is a powerful exercise as it enables you to activate ‘ living in the now’.

Living in the now puts your mind and body into balance and prevents the mind from worrying about situations we have no control over. For example: we imagine our boss calling us in to tell us that they are reducing our pay and our hours, we play this over and over in our mind and this causes the ‘fight and flight response’ which is raising our adrenaline. Really there is no ‘fight or flight’ because the situation is only imagined. However, if we were to be really put into this scenario then we somehow find the courage, strength and energy to deal with it and cope better than we had ever imagined, our fear goes as we put all of our concentration on dealing with the now. I am not saying there would be no stress, but when presented with a real challenge the mind and body work together to enable us to cope, and cope we do.

When we project in to the future this can bring about feelings of fear, doubt and worry. These are all negative emotions which in turn have a negative effect on our mind, body and spirit. Worrying about he future can also bring on anxiety which can be stop-anticipating-lifedetrimental to our health. How many of you have found that when you are worrying and stressing about things your health seems to be affected too. You may come down with more colds and illness than normal as stress and worry seem to weaken the immune system. mind, body and spirit.

I am not saying that simply changing the way we think today, now will affect your lives profoundly, however we all need to start somewhere and today is a good a day as any. When we become more conscious of our thoughts and the way our minds work then we are in control of the most powerful computer in the world, and think what we could achieve with that.

Taking small steps towards self improvement and living a more positive life I find has such a simple by truly wonderful effect not just on our own lives but of those around us too. We are all connected and by working towards become a more positive person ourselves we surely touch the lives of those people who come in contact with us. As human beings we find change of any sort challenging, we like to stay where we are familiar, but familiar does not always mean correct, it is just a learned or conditioned response.

I challenge you today to begin to change for the better and bring about the improvements both in your life and the lives of others. Lead by example and live in the now. Whenever you find your mind wondering into the future and creating worrying and negative scenarios try to be aware of what it is your mind is doing and change the thought to the present moment. Know in your heart that you have the strength, courage, ability to cope with challenges as and when they arise. Know you are not alone in life and that spirit are there to support you when times are difficult, but practice it now and live in the now, experience the positive effect it will have on you and keep on doing it until it is a comfortable and learned habit.