When we are in Need of a ‘Psychic & Spiritual Tune Up’

‘Psychic & Spiritual Tune Up’


I have had the most Bizarre experience recently. I had not felt connected to my Guides and to Spirit for a Few days, I was not feeling the usual amount of High Energy when I opened up. I was able to Connect enough to Read for People but I am accustomed to being able to feel and sense the Higher Energies when I connect to Read. I normally need to take time to Ground myself for a while after conducting Readings. However, this had not been necessary or felt  to be so important since I had not connected with the High Levels over the last few days.

Now, I know that we sometimes go through a Spiritual Change on occasions when we go up a Spiritual Level, that can sometimes feel as though Spirit has ‘Pulled the Plug’. During this process we can feel as though our Development has Plateaued, its like pulling back an Arrow before you let it go. However, I knew this felt different and was not the case in this situation. I have been Through many Spiritual Changes before and I am able to Recognize the Feelings and Symptoms associated with it.

Frustration set in for me, what is happening I asked myself and what can I do. So I decided to consult a very dear and Trusted Colleague of mine, Rachel Keene. Rachel is the only Psychic I like to Read for me. I go Rachel when I feel I require a Reading for Guidance and Insight in to certain areas of my life. Even though I am A Psychic Medium myself for longer in depth readings I need to visit another Psychic or Medium. It is a well known fact that Psychics & Mediums should not read for themselves, so I asked Rachel to look into it for me.

I knew something was not right with me and Rachel said she could work with me the following week. However, something wonderful happened to me that very night. After chatting to Rachel, I went too bed. During my sleep I had a very strange Dream where I felt something being unblocked in my head, particularly on my Crown Chakra. chakrasUpon waking I felt very different, much better to be honest. I began getting ready for my Show on Psychic Today. I messaged Rachel and told her what I had Experienced during my Sleep State and I asked her if she had done anything Remotely while I had been asleep. She said she had done a Chakra Cleanse concentrating on my Crown Chakra, Third Eye and Solar Plexus. Well I can tell you the Result was nothing short of Amazing. I went to work and my connection was back to the levels I am accustomed to. The Show went really well and I was so relieved to be back to normal.

When I spoke to Rachel she said my Crown Chakra and Third Eye had been blocked. I had what you might call a ‘Psychic MOT’. I have now decided to book myself in for a ‘Psychic & Spiritual Tune Up’ every month with Rachel. Even though I perform regular Chakra Cleanse Meditations myself every couple of days, I feel I may have had a build of which needed a stronger approach. To think that what Rachel did for me, and Remotely too ( which means from a Distance ) was so powerful I would strongly recommend this MOT to all People who work Spiritually. I work six days per week in the Spiritual Industry so may require this service more often than those of you who work less time.

Having experienced this Block myself I will not allow it to happen again and like I take care of my Physical Body with a Pure Diet and Yoga, I will also ensure my Spiritual Body is also taken care of by having a ‘Spiritual MOT’.

How to Connect When Doing A Psychic /Mediumship Reading

How to Connect when Doing A Psychic/Mediumship Reading


What do we mean when we say the word ‘Connect’?

To connect with another person when reading for them is to simply connect with their Energy and Link with them to enable you to conduct a Reading for them.


We are all Energy. Think of the Radio, we listen to the Radio and its rather amazing how it works when you think about it. The Radio waves are Definitely there but are invisible to the Naked Eye. The Waves are delivered and connect with the Transmitter.

Reasons we may not be able to Connect

As a Psychic or Medium we are the Transmitter. Our energy needs to be on  high to be able to connect with our Client/Recipient. When the Mediums/Psychic’s Energy is Low they may not be able to connect to the best of their ability. Times of Illness, Tiredness, Fatigue the Medium/Psychic needs to listen to their body and rest. It is at these times  we need to re-charge our batteries and restore our Energy & Well being.

We do need to take extra special  care of ourselves when we work with the Energies to enable us to give our best to our clients and ourselves. Diet and Exercise are an important factor to  consider when we are Light workers. A pure Diet of lots of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables & Spring Water to keep our system as pure as possible is Beneficial.  Exercise which works with the Breath such as Yoga will also be a huge aid to our work. I always find that the days when I do Yoga my Connection  is far better because I am working with the Breath & Energising the Mind & Body.

Try to be conscious of the Environment in which you work too. A Negative Environment will drain you of Vitality and affect your work & connection to your Recipient.

Ways of Connecting with the Recipient

I will share my method of Connecting with My Recipient. We may all have different ways which work for us, if your way is working for you please do continue to use that Method as I strongly believe there is no Right or Wrong way of doing this, simply find the Method which works for you and apply that.

I will sit quietly with my Client and imagine my Energy being Thrown over them, I also imagine my Solar Plexus & Third Eye connecting to them. That’s it, that is all I do and it really is that simple.

When I am on Stage doing a Demonstration Of Mediumship the method is similar, I simply throw my energy over the Audience to connect with them. When you find your Recipient for your Contact the link will very naturally strengthen anyway so you do not do need to do anything extra there.

What to do if you cannot Connect.

If you cannot connect to your client/recipient do be honest with them. There is nothing worse for both you and your client if you are trying to connect but are simply not feeling it. I always begin a Reading by giving a few details about the Clients Current Situation and follow with “Do you understand?” or “Does that make sense to you?” By asking those questions you can determine whether or not you have a good link with you Recipient.

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There may be may reasons why we may not be able to connect with our Recipient, some I have mentioned above, Sometimes there is no Rhyme or Reason why this happens. Maybe your Client does not really need a Reading at this time, Maybe you are not the right Psychic/Medium for them, it could be an Energy thing, maybe your Energy is not compatible. Sometimes clients can Block you without realising. Any reading whether it is a Psychic or Mediumship Reading or a combination of both should always be a three way street. We require the energy form the Spirit or Spirit Guide, The Energy of the Psychic/ Medium and the Energy of  the Recipient.

When I work on Stage doing Demonstrations of Mediumship I let the Audience know that it is a Three Way Street, I inform them that we need their Voice to be able to get a Great Connection. When I connect with a member of the Audience and I am working with their Loved one in Spirit they need to give me their Voice, in the way of Yes & Nos, that is all I need from them, but when they will not speak up or do not speak at all the link will be weaker or just not possible to work with.

600_8586199If this happens to you do not allow it to deter you in any way shape or form. Simply understand that it is just the way it is sometimes, after all we are working with such a delicate source of Energy which requires the correct Environments and Conditions to work effectively. When this happens to me I accept the situation. I very gently explain to the Client what has happened and Reassure them so they do not take it personally. I say that I may not the Medium/Psychic for them. I will recommend someone else who I know is Professional and Someone I Can Trust to Deliver an Accurate and Honest Reading. Of course there will no charge, and if they have paid upfront I will refund the fee back to them.

I hope this has been of some Help and Shed some Light on the Subject of Connection.